Being in the Trailer rental business for more than 20 years, and with over 1200 trailers in our fleet,
we have seen everything when it comes to servicing & repairs.

We have over 850 trailer parts for sale, we can supply you with all major brands and parts. We can also courier your order Nationwide.


We have the top, best trained trailer mechanics in South Africa. They have seen everything when it comes to trailers.

From only R 300 for a luggage / single axle trailer service, to R 500 for a big double axles trailer.

  • Checking tyres and tyre pressures
  • Coupler check
  • Bearing check (bearing re-grease if necessary)
  • Brakes check
  • Electric wire check
  • Check lights are working properly
  • Roadworthy check (We can not provide a road worthy certificate)
  • Any additional work or parts will be charged additionally.

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  1. Rims & Tires: Trailer tires can wear out over time due to usage, road conditions, and age. Rims can get bent or damaged from impacts.
  2. Wheel Bearings: These need periodic inspection, re-greasing or replacement to ensure smooth operation.
  3. Brake Components: This includes brake brake drums, brake shoes, and brake lines.
  4. Axles: In case of damage or wear, axles might need replacement.
  5. Leaf Springs: These are common in many trailer suspensions and can wear out or break over time.
  6. Shackles and Bushings: These components help to connect springs and axles and may need replacement due to wear.
  7. Hubs: Especially if they have been damaged or are experiencing issues.
  8. Lights and Wiring: Lights can burn out, and wiring can fray or become damaged, necessitating replacement.
  9. Couplers and Hitch Components: Including the ball mount, coupler, safety chains, and hitch.
  10. Safety Cables: These are important for towing safety and may need replacement if damaged.
  11. Jacks and Stabilizers: For supporting the trailer when it’s not attached to the towing vehicle.
  12. Mudguards: In case of damage or rust.
  13. Flooring: Flooring can degrade / rust over time and might need replacement.
  14. Ramps: For trailers designed to carry equipment or vehicles. 
  15. Winches and Straps: For trailers designed for hauling boats or other equipment.
  16. Latches and Locks: For securing cargo and accessing compartments.
  17. Reflectors and Reflective Tape: For visibility and safety on the road.
  18. Suspension Components: Including bushings, equalizers, and hangers.
  19. Safety Breakaway System: Including the switch, cable, and battery box.
  20. Tie-Downs and Straps: For securing cargo on the trailer bed. 
  21. Spare Tire Carrier: If included, the carrier might need replacement due to rust or damage.

We have 2 options when it comes to buying trailer parts.

  • Option 1 – Self collect / delivery nationwide and self fitting.
  • Option 2 – We can courier the ordered parts to our nearest branch, and they can fit the parts for you, at an additional cost depending on the labour involved.

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